Elite High Performance Program

Technical Swing Development / Short Game Skills
Great Scores come from Great Shots which come from GREAT SWINGS. During the program our goal is to truly reveal what creates a Great Swing for each individual and engrain the “feel” through repetitive motion and drills. Building a strong swing foundation is vital to becoming a champion golfer.

Mental Training
The “Greats of the Game” say golf is 90% Mental. After a foundation of fundamentals has been laid, there is no question that is true. Mental Training is certainly as important if not more so than Physical Training. The Elite High Performance Program is designed to lay the groundwork, and then build “mental toughness” into the psyche of each student. Each student will be trained individually to learn to handle the difficult mental situations inherent to golf.

Physical Fitness
Champion golfers know their body, and know how important it is to be fit and flexible. Each student will undergo a strength and flexibility assessment. Specific training program based on the student’s individual needs will be implemented to increase the fitness of each individual golfer. The program will include: Core Strengthening, Flexibility and Endurance Training, and Specific Golf Muscle Development

Course management refers to a set of skills that allow the player to select and execute shots in a straight forward and systematic manner. Champion golfers have a consistent and effective approach to practice rounds and course charting. Elite Golfers strive to execute game plans avoiding low percentage play options.



Lesson by Appointment only                                                                                                                      
For further information or registration Contact Sofian Bin Kepli
H/P: 013 833 3123 or email sofian_pro@eastwoodvalley.com

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